Our Story

We are a cattery located south of Seattle, Washington- Auburn to be specific, consisting of mother (Nadia) and her two daughters (Taya and Dasha). Everything started from our black kitty, Monkey, who was given to us by a relative to temporarily watch, but instead, she ended up permanently staying with us.

In July of 2014, she had her first litter of kittens, and we all learned that we enjoy raising and taking care of kittens, but the idea of breeding sphynx had not yet materialized. By the time Monkey had had her first litter, we had already gotten another cat, Lola, who too had kittens around the same time that Monkey did (2 weeks apart). We found so much joy in finding these small kittens homes and seeing them grow up, that the idea of breeding more cats began to transpire. We had always been interested in the sphynx breed, and shedding hair all over the house was a fuss to clean, especially since Nadia was a hairdresser for 30 years and hair drove her so crazy that she ended up switching careers, so we began to shave our cats; they became the sphynx we didn’t yet have.

As new litters were born, we became serious in our search for a sphynx kitten, and in the summer of 2015, we finally found our first girl, Seema. We were still a little wary in our decision to breed, so we purchased her as a pet. Finally, a few months later, we absolutely fell in love with Seema (who is now spayed and just a house pet), and officially decided that yes, we would breed. After having domestic cats, we really saw the difference between the two breeds and learned that sphynx really are magical pets, and that you can never have enough of them. From there, we found the rest of our boys and girls, and so our adventure began…



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