Pearl Queens

Queen Basma

(Dwelf- Bambino+Elf)

Dwelf- Bambino-Elf
Colour: Blue-white mink
Born: 03.26.18

Description: Basma is the princess of the house. She is elegant; she is gentle; she is delicate; she is very quiet; and she has an ethereal beauty about her. Something about her is so unreal- the way she carries herself, her daintiness, and gracefulness. It is beyond exquisite. We get sphynx, elf, bambino, and dwelf babies from her!

Queen Alsu


Colour: Black Tabby
Born: 09.09.20

Description: Alsu is like a bullet: she is very quick, very unpredictable, and very calculated. She is so full of life and has random bursts of energy in which she will randomly run away. In other moments, she will run over to you and sprawl herself all over you and not leave until you pet every inch of her. You just never know which part of her personality you are going to get for the day. We get sphynx and elf babies from her!

Queen Sapfeera


Descriptive text about image here
Colour: Black Tabby
Born: 04.29.21

Description: Sapfeera is the most rambunctious in the house. She will jump on your back, on your neck, fly in every direction, and rub her whole face against yours until its covered in her oils. She has so much love to give, and she will give it to absolutely anybody. She doesn’t care who you are. If she doesn’t want to leave you alone and you try to put her down, she will just jump back up to you. We get sphynx and elf babies from her!

Queen Zaira


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Colour: Tuxedo
Born: 08.26.21

Description: Zaira is an independent little lady. She is always looking for some place to cuddle up in, and during her time exploring, she will come to you to spend time. She just had her first litter and her personality changed so much from having a litter! It’s crazy how hormones work in cats. She is a really good mama and won’t dare to step away from her babies. She also has become more friendly and cuddly. We get sphynx, elf, bambino, and dwelf babies from her!

Queen Lupita



Colour: Mink
Born: 12.23.21

Description: Lupita is Basma’s daughter. She has these big, round, captivating eyes that look right into you. She is mischievous and always up to something- looking for trouble. She is the most playful out of all the cats, and has the energy of a kitten. She is so much fun to be around and keeps everybody on their toes. We get all breeds of kittens from her!

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