Contract Policy

The following is the Pearlhearts Seattle Sphynx Cattery Contract, which will be given to you during the sale. View the PDF version here.

Note: Our breeding cats are scanned for HCM every other year, as well as confirmed negative for FeLV/FIV. Kittens leave with 2 sets of vaccinations and dewormings, and unspayed/unneutered. All of the kitten’s vet records will be provided at pickup, and kitten’s TICA paperwork will be provided once a certificate of spay or neuter is presented by 8 months of age.


Seller: _________________________________________
Date of Sale: ____________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
City: __________________________________________
State: _________________________________________
Zip Code: ______________________________________
Email: _________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________

Buyer: ________________________________________
Date of Sale: ___________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
City: __________________________________________
State: _________________________________________
Zip Code: ______________________________________
Email: _________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________

Description of Kitten: ________________
Colour: _____________________
Sex: ________________________
Date of Birth: ________________
Sire: __________________
Dam: _________________

On _________________________, a deposit of $________ has been received from the buyer to the seller. This amount is applied to the kitten described

above, and the remaining amount of $_________ must be paid by__________________________. The price is subject to change in the rare event of the kitten developing heterochromia. The kitten will be ready to go home ____________________. The exact date will be confirmed after the last veterinary appointment has been scheduled. The buyer has exactly 1 week to pick up the kitten from the date confirmed that the kitten is ready to go after the last veterinary appointment. If the kitten is not picked up within the 1 week time frame, there will be an extra $100 per day fee that the kitten is held. Unless arrangements can be made and agreed upon between both the buyer and seller in advance, there are no exceptions. This deposit insures that the kitten will be sold to, and only to the buyer who is making the deposit. The deposit is nonrefundable if the buyer for some reason is unable to take the kitten home, as it is more difficult to find the kitten a new home in a timely manner, especially while keeping the kitten at a young and favorable age. The deposit can be used toward another kitten if the buyer is unhappy with the chosen kitten.

Buyer Agrees to the Following:

The seller guarantees that the kitten is in good health and free of FeLV/FIV when leaving Pearlhearts Sphynx Cattery. The seller provides a 72 hour guarantee that the kitten is in fact in good health, and for this claim to be valid, the kitten must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hour window and quarantined from all other animals. Failure to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hour window will void this guarantee. After 72 hours, the seller cannot be held accountable for any future diagnosis of FeLV, FIV, or any other bacterial or viral infectious diseases, parasites, giardia, or fungi, as these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery, and are not the result of genetics or breeding. Kitten cannot be returned after 72 hours unless there is proof of a life threatening condition.
Pearlhearts accepts responsibility for protection of the kitten against lethal genetic or congenital defects for one year following the date of the purchase. If the kitten should die during this one year, the kitten shall be replaced with a kitten of comparable quality as soon as available. It is in the seller’s right to request a necropsy by a licensed veterinary pathologist stating the cause of death is beyond doubt due to a genetic or congenital defect.
If the kitten has a life threatening condition, there are 2 options:
-Return the kitten and get a refund, minus the deposit.
-Keep the kitten and get a 50% refund, minus the deposit ______ (Initials here).
Under no circumstances will this kitten be sold, leased, or given away to any pet store, animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility. This kitten will be kept as an indoors only animal, and will not be allowed to roam freely outdoors. NO declawing and NO tattoos are permitted on the kitty _______ (Initials here).
If the kitten is sold without breeding rights, the TICA registration papers will be held by the seller until the buyer alters the kitten by 8 months of age. An additional $1,000 will be due if the seller does not supply proof that the kitten has been altered by 8 months of age.
The buyer is aware that the degree of hairlessness varies from cat to cat, and that no sphynx is completely hairless. Even if the kitten may seem to be completely hairless when sold, it is possible for the kitten to develop hair as it grows, and this is not unusual. Hormones, genetics, and climate can play a role in the hairlessness of a kitten. If shipping is needed, shipping arrangements will be made by the seller and must be paid by the buyer before the kitten is shipped to the location. The seller is not responsible if the kitten is lost or stolen after it is accepted by the chosen airline carrier. If the kitten is lost, stolen, harmed, or the flight resulted in the death of the kitten, it is solely in the buyer’s responsibility to file a claim with the airline carrier.
We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.
This contract is legally binding. In signing the document below, the buyer agrees that he/she has read and fully agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above:

Seller__________________________________ Date_______________


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