Pearl Kings

King Almaz


Colour: Blue
Born: 07.18.19
Description: Almaz is a very gentle and soft hearted boy by nature. He will lay with you in your arms and just sink into them. He won’t move at all. He also has the most flawless skin out of all of the cats. It’s almost rubber-like because of the complete lack of peach fuzz. He loves spending his time lounging around with anybody.

King Felix


Colour: Black
Born: 06.20.22

Description: Felix has a mean, somewhat fierce “pug-looking” type face, but he is the most aggressive lover. He will purr nonstop and rub himself all over you continuously. He is the calmest and most people-oriented of the cats, and will come up to every person in the room, as to maximize the amount of love and attention he receives. He is the biggest love bug.



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